SOcom manefesto

Our Mission Statement: is a blog for the discriminating firearms enthusiast dedicated to education, safety, protecting your rights, and most importantly, entertainment! That’s right, first and foremost, this is an entertainment website, but one with a bit of a gun problem. It is the culmination of decades of experience in and around the industry, taking what we have said and done over social media and email and giving it a place to grow and evolve. It will be provocative, it will be funny, and some of it may even make you angry. No matter the case we welcome your comments. If we are wrong, tell us why! It will only help others and make the site better. We are not in the business of telling you which gun, optic, or any other accessory you should buy. Only you can decide what is right for you.


Let’s face it; this is why you are here. Maybe it’s to learn or get a 2nd opinion on something you are considering buying. Maybe you are looking for information to settle an argument, or like us perhaps a mix of it all whilst being entertained. What you are going to get from us is an honest opinion. And that’s why we called the site Shooter’s Opinion. We really thought about a more “tactical” sounding name, and we liked Buddies Using Tactical Tactics – in fact the domain was even available – however much to our chagrin the acronym BUTT doesn’t really do us any huge favors, although we will occasionally be called asses. We swear to do all that we can to make you a loyal email subscriber, reader, sharer of our content and expect you to call us on our BS when we fail to meet your expectations.


Well.. this is going to be a hard one to explain, so I’ll try to skate around this one and just say “watch.. you will see what we mean” We want to make sure that you do not waste your time and money on gimmicks, and instead get the most out of the gear you already have and buy what is right for you and the intended purpose of the firearm. Sharing information is the REASON for this website.

On fun:

We are going to make fun of things from time to time and these might include one or more of the following: The grotesque over-use of the word “Tactical”, Glock-vs-1911 arguments, hot tempered RO’s,  know-it-all gun store salesmen, and really useless and ugly gun builds. Especially the ones slapped together by ‘neckbeards’ that flip stuff on the buy/sell/trade social websites claiming that, instead of just buying it the day before, it was built by an aerospace engineer that builds gun for the SEALs in his spare time. But that’s not to say we are snobs biased only towards high-end stuff, to the contrary, show us a Savage bolt gun with a $299 SWFA optic getting it done and we will bow in your general direction. Our hope is that you will see things here that you have never seen on a gun site before and it becomes one of your favorite gun websites.

On community: 

Nobody knows everything, and this certainly holds true with SOcom but we have been around the block a time or two and have been on the firing lines with some of the best shooters and gun builders of all time and know many of them personally. We are competitors, including 3G, long-range precision, practical pistol and IDPA. We hunt, we reload, and most importantly, we are all NFAAF!

Honesty and Integrity:

One thing we can promise you is that you we will hold no punches. We WILL tell it like it is. Our integrity is not for sale. (Just kidding: we take PayPal, cash, free stuff, tacos, beer, and even lap dances!) No really all we ask in return is that you visit our sponsors and tell them we sent you and for the love of all things bacon and titties, PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!

Protecting your 2A rights:

Don’t look for us to be a constitutional watch-dog group or anything, there are others that already do a fine job of this but we are rabid 2A supporters so you can rest assured that we will help the cause in any way that is convenient for us and our readers.